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Openstack commands

  • List of instances
openstack server list
nova list
  • Details on a specific instance
openstack server show <server id>
nova show <server id>
  • Rebuild an instance
openstack server rebuild --image <image-id> <server-id>
nova rebuild <server-id> <image-id>
  • Rebuild an instance with metadata
openstack server set --property <meta> <server-id>
nova meta <server-id> set <meta>
nova rebuild --meta <meta> <server-id> <image-id>
  • Attach a port to an instance
nova interface-attach --port-id <port id> <instance id>
  • Create a instance from a availability zone
nova boot --availability-zone nova:metal01:<ironic-id> --flavor <flavor-id> --image <img-id> --nic net-id=<network id>,v4-fixed-ip=<ip-address> <name>
openstack server create --availability-zone nova:metal01:<ironic-id> --flavor <flavor-id> --image <img-id> --nic net-id=<network id>,v4-fixed-ip=<ip-address> <name>
  • Create a instance with meta property, sec group, fixed ip, ssh-key
openstack server create --image <image id> --flavor <flavor id> --nic net-id=<network id>,v4-fixed-ip=<ip-address> --property <meta-data> --security-group <security group id> --key-name <keypair name> vmname
  • Create a instance
openstack server create --image <image id> --flavor <flavor id> vmname
  • Remove error state from instance 
nova reset-state --active <server-id>
  • Change the flavour (resize)
openstack server resize --flavor <flavor> <ID>
  • List of subnets and network ID
openstack network list
neutron net-list
  • List of subnets, their IDs and allocation pools:
openstack subnet list
neutron subnet-list
  • List ports
openstack port list
neutron port-list
  • Create port
openstack port create --network <network id> --fixed-ip subnet=<subnet id>,ip-address=<ip-address>
neutron port-create --fixed-ip subnet_id=<subnet id>,ip_address=<X.X.X.X> <network id> <name>
  • Update or Set/Unset port
neutron port-update --fixed-ip subnet_id=<subnet id>,ip_address=<ip-address> --fixed-ip subnet_id=<subnet id>,ip_address=<X.X.X.X> <port id>
openstack port set --fixed-ip subnet=<subnet>,ip-address=<ip-address> <port id>
openstack port unset --fixed-ip subnet=<subnet>,ip-address=<ip-address> <port id>
    • Get details on a port
    openstack port show <port id>
    neutron port-show <port id>
    • Allowed address pairs - (Allows one port to add additional IP/MAC address pairs on that port to allow traffic that matches those specified values.)
    neutron port-update <port-uuid> --allowed-address-pairs type=dict list=true ip_address=''
    • List images
    openstack image list
    glance image-list
    • Get details on an image
    glance image-show <image id>
    • Upload a image
    openstack image create --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --public --file ./centos7.qcow2 centos7-image
    • Delete
    openstack image delete <ID>
    • Download a image
    glance image-download <img-id> --file img.qcow2
    • Change state
    cinder reset-state --state in-use <id>
    • List flavors
    openstack flavor list
    • List keypairs
    openstack keypair list
    • List Security groups
    openstack security group list
    openstack volume set --state error <id>

    Stop a migraion

    Remove the active volume from the migration state

    cinder reset-state <id> --reset-migration-status

    find the volume in the attaching state and remove it

    openstack volume list
    cinder reset-state <id> --state error 
    cinder reset-state <id> --reset-migration-status
    openstack volume delete <id>