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Update a port in Neutron


  • To update a port in neutron you can do the following:
neutron port-update --fixed-ip subnet_id=SubNetID,ip_address=X.X.X.X --fixed-ip subnet_id=SubNetID,ip_address=X.X.X.X <PORT_ID>

* Don't forget to input the already present IPs in the command or they will be overwritten


  • To update a port with alot of IPs (shortcut):
neutron port-update PORT_UUID \
--fixed-ip=subnet_id=SUBNETID,ip_address=1.1.1.{164..190} \
--fixed-ip=subnet_id=SUBNETID,ip_address=10.0.0.{4..30} \  


Line 1. replace PORT_UUID by the port ID

Line 2. Will add,, - (We are basically skipping

Line 3. Will add -

Line 4. Will add 10.0.0..4 -

Line 5. Will add -