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Lan Switch

Create a network for the new interface to be attached to, and returns the network-uuid

xe network-create name-label="LAN-VM"

Find vm uuid of the VM

xe vm-list name-label=<vm's name-label>

Create eth1 interface for the VM, and gets the uuid of the new interface

xe vif-create vm-uuid=<vm-uuid> network-uuid=<network-uuid> device=1 mac=random

You can later list the UUID of the new NIC on that vm:

xe vif-list vm-uuid=<vm-uuid>

Hot-plug the created interface to the VM

xe vif-plug uuid=<new_vif_uuid>

To disconnect

xe vif-unplug uuid=<vif uuid>
xe vif-destroy uuid=<vif uuid>

To find Mac on a port:

xe vm-vif-list,MAC