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Snapshots And Templates

Create new snapshot


xe vm-list

Create snapshot

xe vm-snapshot new-name-label="<name>" vm=<vm-uuid>

Restore a snapshot

xe snapshot-revert snapshot-uuid=<uuid>

List snapshots

xe snapshot-list

Create a template from snapshot

xe snapshot-export-to-template snapshot-uuid=<snapshot-uuid> filename="<name>.xva"  preserve-power-state=false

List SR

xe sr-list name-label=<name>

Import template in SR

xe vm-import filename=<name>.xva sr-uuid=<sr-uuid>

Find template UUID

xe template-list

Create VM from template

xe vm-install template-uuid=<template-uuid> new-name-label=<new-name>

List template UUID

xe template-list name-label="<name>" --minimal